Resources for Students

Students—we are in this game because of you. The Get 2 School Network believes you are Ohio’s most valuable player, and we want to help ensure your success.

One of the most important things you can do—and it’s an easy step—is track your attendance and know how many days of school you have missed.

To help you keep track of your absences, we have developed an attendance tracker, which you can download below.

Other ways you can show your commitment to school attendance: Take the attendance pledge and put a yard sign or poster up at your house.

Creative files [11 X 17] for Cleveland Browns player posters. The posters were designed to be printed ledger or tabloid size.

We will be developing more tools you can use in the future. Let’s win this game together!

Attendance Tracker (PDF)
Jarvis Landry Poster (PDF)
[“11W X “17H]
Odell Beckham Poster (PDF)
[“11W X “17H]
Denzel Ward Poster (PDF)
[“11W X “17H]
Get2School Yard Sign (PDF)
[“24W X “18H]