Resources for Communities and Partners

Everyone, not just those in schools, shares the responsibility of preparing students for successful futures. The most important partners are parents, families and caregivers—those who have the greatest impact on a child’s development. Other critical partners include business, philanthropy, libraries, social service organizations, community members, health care providers, behavioral health experts and many more.

Put simply, partnerships transform a student’s education experience, which can positively affect student attendance. Partnerships, when directly focused on chronic absenteeism, can amplify local efforts and result in significant impact.

The Get 2 School Network encourages you to show your support for school attendance by utilizing the campaign materials available below throughout your community. By hanging up posters or putting yard signs at your local libraries, businesses, faith-based institutions, etc., you are helping spread the word about the importance of attendance. Take the attendance pledge as a first step in demonstrating your commitment.

Below are some tools you can use to build awareness of the importance of school attendance.

Creative files [11 X 17] for Cleveland Browns player posters. The posters were designed to be printed ledger or tabloid size.

The Get 2 School Network wants to understand your interest in partnering in this work. We also are interested in connecting you to local and state efforts, so we can achieve collective impact. Contact us if you’d like to get in the game. We are student focused and, together, we can have greater impact.

Jarvis Landry Poster (PDF)
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Odell Beckham Poster (PDF)
[“11W X “17H]
Denzel Ward Poster (PDF)
[“11W X “17H]
Get2School Yard Sign (PDF)
[“24W X “18H]
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