Attendance Champ Spotlight: Canton City School District

Strong attendance not only affects a student’s academic performance, it plays a pivotal role in establishing meaningful connections that propel learners through their educational journey. At Canton City School District, these relationships fall second to none, understanding that authentic, positive bonds have the power to transform a student’s future far beyond the classroom. 

Informative and non-punitive in nature, the district’s approach works to create unique engagement opportunities that encourage learners to think big picture. Canton’s introduction of Success Class, a semester-long course designed to meet the needs of students struggling with consistent attendance, has been highly effective in showcasing the correlation between attendance and lifetime achievement. The class convenes high school students from each grade level and hones in on critical life skills while strengthening academic relationships. 

Collaboration between educators and student homes is imperative, and serves as the backbone of Canton’s attendance campaign messaging. For third grade students and up, letters outlining recorded absences and detailing how close a student is to at-risk attendance accompany all report cards and interim reports. Additionally, Individualized postcards highlighting missed lessons and consecutive days absent have prompted parents and caregivers to be alert and mindful of their student’s attendance patterns. 

The district has also created visuals using common emojis to help educate families on when it’s appropriate to send a sick child with a slight cold to school, versus when a child has a high temperature or other symptoms that warrant staying home. These collective efforts have contributed to Canton improving from an F to a C in the Gap Closing measure, as well as a four percent increase in attendance across the district.

Please join us in celebrating Canton City Schools for their commitment to strong attendance and student achievement.

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ShannonAttendance Champ Spotlight: Canton City School District