Attendance Champ Spotlight: Maple Heights City School District

Excellence is increasingly the standard at Maple Heights City School District. Ambitious and eager to prepare learners for a lifetime of perseverance and achievement, the district understands that strong attendance lies at the foundation of future success.  

Incorporating a multi-tiered approach to their attendance strategy, Maple Heights provides interventions geared towards both students and parents alike. Through the usage of prominent, recognizable figures throughout the community – such as high school coaches and members of local office – attendance initiatives have experienced tremendous growth and continue to draw increased support. In addition, the combination of pre-recorded telephone messages, known as “robocalls”, and postcards detailing the importance of each day at school have proven to be highly effective, contributing to a seven percent reduction in overall absences amongst elementary school students. This spike in attendance is certainly paying off as Maple Heights has since seen improvements in reading skills at the elementary level as well.  

Tenacious in their approach to cultivate strong educator-family relationships, district staff have been instrumental in assisting families who face challenges getting their student to school consistently, enabling stronger connections with academics. Additionally, students have quickly gravitated to the district’s involvement in the Get 2 School, Stay in the Game! Network. Afforded unique opportunities through the partnership, such as visits from Browns players and autographed giveaways, the initiative serves as reminder that missing a day at school could in fact result in missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Maple Heights’ partnership with the Get 2 School Network has also helped support the district’s intensive mentoring program benefiting middle school and high school students. Designed to help those chronically absent during the 2018-2019 school year, the program assists in overcoming attendance-related barriers and establishing positive routines emblematic of a school-going lifestyle.

Please join us in celebrating Maple Heights City Schools for their commitment to strong attendance and student achievement.

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ShannonAttendance Champ Spotlight: Maple Heights City School District