The Get 2 School Toolbox

Campaign Materials

The Get 2 School Network seeks to make student attendance a high-profile, statewide issue. This section features a variety of cool items-from posters to lawn signs. Campaign materials are designed to be used in school, at home, throughout the community and anywhere else you would like to make school attendance a priority.


Here you’ll find the creative files for [11 X 17] attendance posters featuring Cleveland Browns players.

Jarvis Landry Poster (PDF)
Odell Beckham Poster (PDF)
Christian Kirksey Poster (PDF)
Denzel Ward Poster (PDF)
Joe Schobert Poster (PDF)

Tools For Educators

Communicating The Importance Of Attendance (PDF)
Ideas for Attendance Incentives (PDF)
Crunch Your Numbers: Use Data to Understand Attendance (PDF)
Attendance Tracker (PDF)

Tools For Parents, Families and Caregivers

Students PK-4th Grade (PDF)
Students 5th-8th Grade (PDF)
Students 9th-12th Grade (PDF)
Attendance Tracker (PDF)

Tools For Students

Attendance Tracker (PDF)


Get 2 School Yard Sign (PDF)
Get 2 School Logo (PNG)
Brown Twitter Avatar (JPG)
Orange Twitter Avatar (JPG)
White Twitter Avatar (JPG)
Brown Smartphone Wallpaper (JPG)
Orange Smartphone Wallpaper (JPG)
White Smartphone Wallpaper (JPG)
Brown iPhone X Wallpaper (JPG)
Orange iPhone X Wallpaper (JPG)
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